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With so much information rattling around on our phones and tablets , it makes sense to actually see the information that we want without having to constantly wake-up our phones. 

Smart Mirrors allow the display of information into the home but in a unobtrusive method. By adopting both traditional and modern design frames for our Smart Mirror products we aim to blend in with your home decor and make the Smart mirror an easy option to incorporate into your home. 

Our Leading Android based Smart Mirror dashboard software allows you to personalize the display with information important to you. 

Choose different information to display based on the time of day.
For example in the morning you can see the next train time and status, but in the evenings you will see the news headlines.

Our Current Smart Mirror Display Features include : 

Local Weather : Display the weather forecast for the next 24 hours.
This display is updated every hour.

Amazon Alexa Integration : Voice control our mirror and any compatible Smart Home products with Alexa integration. We have always on Alexa and remote control only Alexa options in our range.  

Train Times : Integration with National Rail allows us to display live train data. You can configure your most common starting and ending stations. It will then display the next 2 trains and if they are on-time or not.  

Tube Status : Through integration with TFL we will display the current tube status with upto the minute accuracy. Perfect for viewing just before you head out the door. 

Local Road Traffic Information : Configure your location and regular commute and the Smart Mirror will display traffic alerts that may impact your journey.

Google Calendar - Integrates with your google calendar entries. This allows a gentle reminder of your upcoming appointments and activity's.  This can be configured to only show your calendar on the Smart Mirror based on time of day its required.

News Headlines - Choose to see a number of the days top news headlines from  top news bulletin services. (BBC, CNN, Google)  This configurable option allows you to choose to display between 3 and 6 news headlines from your preferred news supplier.

Cloud based Settings
Your Smart Mirror settings can be synced across multiple devices, this allows you to alter the settings on your Smart Mirror without having to touch the mirror. Simply alter the settings from any other device and it will sync to your Smart Mirror. 

See Our YouTube Video Product Demonstration

Our Smart Mirror runs the android operating system and as such you can download and run any applications available in the android stores. 

Using a bluetooth remote control you can access the full android O/S and run popular applications like