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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it touch screen ?
    No. But this should not be a problem. You can perform lots of task via voice control. Its also supplied with a remote control with mini-keyboard and trackpad.
  2. How is it powered ?
    USB. All mirrors are supplied with a USB cable and wall plug adaptor. For bathroom installs a shaver to USB adaptor, or USB wall socket can be supplied.
  3. Is it turned on all the time ?
    The smart mirror software has timers which allows you to choose when the mirror displays information. This allows you to set an OFF time when the display is OFF and the product is just a mirror
  4. What Apps can run ?
    Its android based product so any app that is available on android stores can run. We supply you with a "MY Smart Mirror" app for a smart display but you can choose to run any other apps as well.
  5. How much does it cost to run ?
    The power consumption is very low. Based on average UK electric prices it should cost under £2 a year to run.
  6. Can i get a different size ?
    Yes. We can make custom sizes though this can take 3-4 weeks to be manufactured.
  7. Does it work outside the UK ?
    Yes. Currently UK & German language only. Trains, Traffic and Tube is UK Only information.
  8. Can i get different display sizes ?
    We currently offer only 7", 8" or 10" display sizes. We can add more than 1 display to larger models if desired.
  9. Does it have a speaker
    Yes It has an inbuilt speaker. The larger the display model the better the sound quality. The 8" unit offers the best sound to value ratio.
  10. What about the Voice Control
    It uses Amazon Alexa This will intergrate with any existing Alexa devices, and if its your first alexa device its compatible with loads of smart devices out there , you would just need to configure them in the app.